Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Information for the Indigo Dyeing Talk and Workshop

In the morning Magie will talk about the history of indigo, how it works and how to dye with it, finishing off with a selection of textiles to demonstrate the different techniques that can be used to create pattern with indigo.
In the afternoon we'll look at resist techniques based around folding and tying methods and prepare fabric ready for dyeing.

What you need to bring:

Rubber gloves (without holes in them!)
Overalls and/or apron worn over old clothes and shoes
A bucket and plastic bags to take things home.
Resist equipment - Pegs , Elastic bands , marbles .
Magie has a selection of other things that can be used.

All of the following fabrics and yarns dye well with indigo:
Cotton, linen , viscose , wool and silk.
White or coloured fabrics can be used. Fabric does not need to be pre-washed.
You should be able to dye at least 2 or 3 Fat Quarters (about 50cm/20ins square ) of fabric.
Small hanks of yarn - just a couple of metres. Wool yarn takes up alot of dye so no large hanks
of wool please!
Magie will have a selection of Fat Quarters, mostly cotton and silk, available to purchase on the day.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Programme 2009

The Hall opens at 10am for a 10.30 start

January 24th
Val Bryant - spinning wheel research; recording our heritage.

February 28th
Members Day
With an Inkle Weaving theme for those who are interested.

March 28th
Magie Relph - Indigo; king of colours
Talk and short workshop. Magie runs the successful African Fabric shop online and at shows. She uses African art as a source for her lovely textiles and this talk and workshop is a must. Magie's enthusiasm is sure to inspire!

April 25th
Julie Hedges - Ply split mats

Julie will talk us through her new technique which uses wool to create most attractive mats. This technique is easier on the eyes then ply split braiding!

May 23rd and 24th
Clothes for festivities, ceremonies and special occasions
A new talk by Diane and Jim Gaffney of Textiles Techniques. Glamour, glitter and gold, intricate weavings and stunning embroideries are all part of the costumes made and worn at festivals. The significance of the textiles is as fascinating as the way they are made. The Sunday will be a bookable workshop on Batik.

June 27th
Members Day
Woolfest weekend

July 25th
Members Day

Guild picnic

September 26th
Lynne Stein - Rag rug and needle felting workship and talk
Lynne is well known for her richly textural and vibrantly coloured textile surfaces and this workshop will stretch your creativity!

October 24th
Judith Ferns - Making books
Judith is a very talented felt and book maker. She designs the most intriguing hinges and opening methids to produce useful and attractive books. Books made in the workshop are sure to be of use later for recording our various textile explorations.

November 28th
AGM - 11am
Competition and party. Bring a plate, KFS and a plate of food.
In the afternoon there will be a show and tell. Bring a project you have made in the year - it may be still under construction and may be of any discipline.