Monday, 18 June 2007

This Saturday (23rd June).....

On behalf of Janice and Meryl may I remind everyone that Saturday is the last opportunity to submit something for the exhibition. It needn’t be a finished garment, skeins of dyed yarn/fibre or fancy spinningwould give visitors an insight into our craft.

Its a "Member's Day" meeting but we will also have a demonstration on carding so please bring some fleece and carders/ combs if you have any.

Sashiko in May

We had a visit from Susan Briscoe at our May meeting, author and collector of Japanese Sashiko textiles and textile artist.

She talked through several pieces in her collection and explained the history of Sashiko (traditional decorative Japanese technique of needlework quilting to reinforce textiles) before showing us some of her own pieces.

The jacket on the left is very old and almost threadbare but this adds to its charm. It was also interesting to note how textiles were repaired time and time again.

Dressing up was a must with so many interesting garments. Below we have our very own Pat in a traditional jacket and hat posing with Susan's willing assistant.

Here we have Joan sporting a bonnet and beautiful apron and jacket. The bonnet has material to cover the neck from the effects of the weather when working in the fields.

And last but not least we have Sally wearing an outfit that would terrify any claustrophobic! It was interesting to see that textiles were used to protect the skin in the same way we would now use sunblock.

(one of Susan's quilts)

(close up of some Sashiko patterns)